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Top 10 Franchise Management Solution Companies - 2020

Running a business is a different role than running a franchise. A Franchisee is focused on the performance of the business, staffing, and expense control. The Franchiser is focused on adding, training, and supporting franchisees. Both should have a comprehensive view of the operational challenges that lay ahead and plays a crucial role in the success of the franchise business.

It is important to keep communicating with franchisees, don’t let ideas drop off, and keep franchises in the loop every step of the way to demonstrate just how much time and work goes into bringing a new product idea to life. There is an abundant number of tools available in the modern communication toolbox, from emails and and some Social Media Apps too. Further, creating and Executing a Marketing Plan can be very complex in case of the franchise business. It involves Collecting Information, Planning and implementing the campaign, Reviewing and assessing the results. Franchisers give shock announcements without warning and tend not to manage marketing on an individual store level. Usually, they provide an outline for the franchisees to follow in preparing their marketing plan on a local level.

The ongoing negative public conversation about franchising has created a climate where franchisees are increasingly becoming sceptical and more inclined to question the motives behind legitimate franchisor strategies. This is an unhelpful, and often unnecessary, distraction which can unwittingly slow down important initiatives and undermine business performance.

On an international level, franchising takes up a whole new set of challenges. Beyond borders, a lot changes owing to a different economic conditions, local customs and business practices of the targeted country. In lieu of ideal arrangements, realistic expectations are the key to staying on the road to successful expansion of the business. Large ventures require big investments, careful planning and taking immense risks. Entrepreneurs have to be risk takers and dreamers in order to achieve and be successful. Being conscious of all the obstacles in franchising a business is extremely important. But victory is only in the destiny of those that dare to be fearless.

Considering the competition in the Franchise Management Solution providers space, our panel of renowned CIOs, CEOs, VPs, with the Enterprise Technology Review editorial panel has recognized the top drawers of 2020 in the field.

We present to you, “Top 10 Franchise Management Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Franchise Management Solution Companies

  • POLN8 offers such loyalty programs to both small and large businesses (especially franchises), which allow organizations to reward customers for trying new products, increasing their visits, or for a recommendation. By analyzing the reports and metrics from customer loyalty performance, the company helps businesses develop a deep understanding of consumer behavior, which assists businesses in deciding appropriate rewards to empower customers. POLN8 works to change the old reward paradigm, that only measured results by the increase in consumer spending


  • Dispatch


    Dispatch is the only software platform to help enterprises successfully unlock the potential of flexible service provider networks to provide world-class customer experiences. The firm makes it easy by centralizing all service interactions onto one platform to give modern enterprises real-time visibility across all field operations — helping them own every service experience and create lifelong customers. Dispatch seamlessly integrates with client’s existing technology and adds what’s missing. This means faster time to market, lower upfront costs, and less configuration

  • ElasticM2M


    ElasticM2M provides a massively scalable and flexible platform to build connected applications and maximize the value of your data using powerful analytics and machine learning. The firm rapidly delivers high-impact solutions across multiple markets – with the client’s Brand. Choose to use the whole platform or alternatively just modules you need to accelerate existing systems into the IoT market. ElasticM2M offers Turn-key Telematics solutions for Automotive, Fleet, Asset Management and other markets. Our market solutions are branded for both partners and end customers and take full advantage of the Elastic Platform. Features include advanced Geospatial & Tracking, Reporting, Alerting, Analytics, and Branding services

  • FranConnect


    FranConnect is the leading franchise management software provider. Delivering the widest range of solutions, its award-winning fully integrated platform engages franchisors and franchisees to grow, scale, and optimize their business through a connected and complete franchise system view of the business from sales to multi-unit performance. More than 140,000 franchisees and 700 plus brands, including 40 of the Top 100 Global Franchises, count on FranConnect to successfully grow their franchise systems. FranConnect customers span all sizes, growth phases, and industries and have grown 44% faster than the broader franchising market. FranConnect is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with global follow-the-sun operations

  • Franworth


    Franworth’s leadership and support teams have more than 450 years’ of franchising operations, construction/real estate, marketing, finance and sales experience. The Franworth team has repeatedly scaled brands beyond the critical 100-unit threshold through franchising. Franworth encourages brand founders to stay engaged with their brand during the franchising process. Their proven systems combined with a founder’s passion for their company is the basis for a winning partnership

  • LocateAI


    Founded by Stanford engineers, LocateAI has created the industry-leading technology for retail site selection. LocateAI's proprietary artificial intelligence enables the client’s to uncover hidden insights about the client’s business and identify prime growth opportunities. By using their artificial intelligence and consulting with their retail advisors, client’s can create a data-driven growth strategy that will help avoid opening under performing sites, identify prime locations for growth, and save a ton of time in the process

  • Netsertive


    Netsertive is a marketing technology company that enables brands, publishers, and local businesses to reach customers online, at scale. Netsertive’s platform and services coordinate messaging, brand experience, and performance across all digital channels to drive awareness, consideration, and sales. Netsertive is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with an office in Seattle, WA. Multi-location marketers need help reaching local shoppers right now. The firm pulled together these 5 proven ways to increase revenue that they have learned over the last 11 years spending $1B in local advertising dollars for their clients

  • Soffront


    Soffront was founded in October 1992. Today Soffront is the only company to provide complete CRM and Marketing Software and Services. Marketing Services include both self-service and fully managed service, providing complete implementation services for our enterprise CRM customers. The firm maintains a team of highly qualified implementation engineers providing complete integration services to legacy systems. We also deploy enterprise CRM on the private cloud of enterprise customers

  • Vectra Digital

    Vectra Digital

    Vectra was born from Stickboy Creative, an award-winning software development company. Looking at the digital marketing landscape, they saw an opportunity to bring a new way of thinking to an industry. They have years of experience developing digital tools to help businesses succeed. That experience allows them to approach digital marketing in a new and exciting way. The firm’s proprietary A.I., Ada, brings a lot of value to them and their clients. And because they made it, they can guide the development to best serve their clients

  • Wisetail LMS

    Wisetail LMS

    Wisetail’s LMS is custom-branded to look and feel like your brand does — making it instantly familiar and comfortable for the users. Learners spend less time learning how to use the system and more time engaging with their content. Wisetail gives client’s the flexibility to build a thriving learning ecosystem tailored to their unique culture, and the tools to measure the metrics that matter to their organization